Disclaimer/Membership Agreement

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You must register and be over 18 years of age to get started bidding. Malheur County has the option to reject or remove any member account without cause.

Do not use the same username or password for your Malheur County Auction account that you use anywhere else. Malheur County assumes no responsibility for lost or stolen account information.

All completed auctions must be picked up within 10 business days and are onsite pickup only unless specifically stated in the item description. Failure to pickup will result in the auction being offered to the next highest bidder or relisting. Failure to pick up the item may also result in your user account being disabled.

Payment is Cash or Check (Check preferred), paid in person at the Malheur County Tax Office 251 “B” St. West, Room 110
Vale, OR 97918

After paying pickup your successful auction by taking your receipt to the location stated in the bid description. Items will not be released to the winning bidder without presenting the paid receipt.

Malheur County reserves the right to remove any item from the sale for any reason up to the time of final sale or to change the end date or time on any auction item. Malheur County reserves the right to refuse any or all bids without cause.

All property is sold AS-IS. Malheur County does not make any warranties or guarantees regarding the property offered for sale. Malheur County does not warrant or guarantee that any item is usable for any particular purpose. Malheur County assumes no responsibility for injury or property damage caused by purchased item.

Items are used and may include confiscated and recovered stolen property.

All descriptions are to the best knowledge of the seller at he time it is written. Malheur County offers no guarantee as to the accuracy of the item description and may change the description at any time.

All sales are final. No returns. No refunds.

This agreement may be amended at any time by Malheur County. This agreement overrides any and all claims and information on this website.